The Ministry of Reader

Across our community of parishes we have some very active and capable ministers across all of the ministries. We want to encourage and form our minister, improving as a group our capability and enhancing our worship for everyone. In December we held a session for readers, and we are planning to hold a second session soon to give some practical training on reading and using microphones.

The notes for the first session are available for download here, FormativeCourseforReaders.pdf

The following is an image of well formed Reader.

It was late Tuesday evening, Dave had just finished replying to a couple of work emails. The kids were in bed, and because there had been swimming tonight they might actually be asleep. Walking into the kitchen Dave took a glass down from the cupboard and poured a glass of wine. Then picking up his missal he walked into the lounge and sat down for the first quite time he had had all day.
Dave wasn't rota'ed to read this Sunday, but he had got into the habit of going through the Sunday readings anyway. He thought to himself, you never know when someone is going to be away and you are going to be asked to step in. Dave also liked this quite time, his time with God. He didn't pray well by himself, his mind always wanders off onto work, kids, football or something else. But he liked to read and think about the message, and it was interesting. He also liked to think, what could these readings mean for me.
Taking a sip of his wine, Dave checked last Sunday's bulletin for the correct readings for this Sunday, the Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time. Then opening the missal he read through the first reading, psalm, second reading and the gospel. The message was clear to him, love God and love your neighbour. He was however a little puzzled by one word from exodus. Dave had no idea how to pronounce Usurer (U-Sure-er) or even what it meant. It must be something to do with leading money and probably charging interest. As Dave scribbled "Usurer" in this diary, he heard the front door open. He put the missal down and shouted "Hi Love, would you like a cup of tea or glass of wine.
A couple of days later Dave typed the words "usurer pronounced" into google and found out it means to lend money at high rates of interest. He also listened to a recording of an english lady saying the word. You learn something new everyday he thought to himself. He also felt good about himself
remembering that when he had lent his brother in law £4000 so he could buy a bigger car for the family, he had insisted on not taking any interest.
Sunday morning, quarter to nine, right in the middle of the chaos that always happened when they were trying to get the kids moving and into the car, the phone rang. "Dave, sorry to drop this on you last minute, but we are away this weekend and my phone has just bleeped at me saying I'm first reading today. You couldn't do my reading today could you."
"No problem" , said Dave.
Just under an hour later, Dave walked confidently to the Ambo, took a deep breath, look out into the congregation, smiled, and started to read. Being a good or great reader at church starts with preparation. It's all about your relationship with God and taking the opportunities to spend just a little time with him preparing for each Sunday.

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