Day 2 - Roncesvalles to Zubiri

Well day two started with all the aches and pains caused by day one and also my stomach was not happy so praying to find a loo in the next village was how we started. Well God provides and there was a loo and a bench for Jim to sort out his blisters. 

We managed to do 22k into Zubiri. No Hostel booked this time. The first one we walked into had no beds just a twin room in an apartment. We jumped st it and had a really good quiet nights sleep. 

We ate at the bar below. Pilgrim menus are good and cheap. We ate with other pilgrims we had been meeting through the day. Patrick, Mary, John, Collett and others. 

Not do many photos today. But I was concentrating on where the next toilet was for half the day. 

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