Patrick Rigg

I have a friend, Patrick Rigg, who I meet regularly on the Soup Run. Recently Patrick has started to share some of his poetry with me, and with his permission I am going to post some of it hear. Patrick lives and works on the streets and in the shelters in Bristol, as a is a Poet and a Christian. Patrick has been our guest at St. Augustine's before and has spoken to us at the Soup Run general meetings about his life and the good the the soup run does. 

In his own words, Patrick is....
A sinner saved by grace. I have known; experienced God’s love for nearly 50-years. And ... it only gets better: “Every day with Jesus is sweeter than the day before.” God inspires and I write; share what He has given me. May these words always be His words; nothing of self. May they inspire, bless and encourage all who hear them.
Patrick. BRISTOL, May 2012.
16 New Poems (Uploaded Lent 2013)
Shout (Great poem for Easter day)
Live Today
Giving (A Christmas Poem)
Tee Hee (A Christmas Poem)
Big Bang
Complexity (I love this one it's so simple)
A Smile
To Love
For Real. For True
A Secret (A Poem for Mother's Day)
Mothers Day (A Poem for Mother's Day)
Lenten Abstinence
No Man Listener
Receive to Give

Patrick Rigg's Poems


  1. Please if this is Patrick I played scrabble on fb with..please get in contact x

    1. Hi, this is very probable. (I have only just seen this message today). You will find me at "" on FB or I am contacable at I am intrigued to know who you are!