Thank You, All who contribute to the Soup Run

This Saturday evening was one of those rare occasions when I we saw something on the soup run that couldn't be easily forgotten. It also mirrored the Gospel reading and homily I had read in Church just before we went out and had to read again the following Sunday morning.

As we walked around Bristol we saw a man fall. I ran over to help him and the first thing he did was cover his face shouting “Don't hit me! Don't hit me”. Once he realised I was there to help he relaxed a little and we talked. He told me about the previous night when he had woken up in a car park with a man standing over him about to urinate on him. He confessed to being an alcoholic, and he told me that he drank to forget that he had killed a man when he was serving in the army. He didn't feel that he deserved our help.
There was little we could do to really help him, but for 10mins we were able to show we cared and when I with great reluctance left him he was smiling and said he felt a lot better. The Soup Run is mostly about showing unloved people that in fact they are loved. Homemade soup, cake and rolls show this wonderfully and practically.
I am really proud of our church, the way that everyone pulls together to help. We have over 90 people signed up and helping from all ages of 6 to 90. This weekend what you do made a difference. I man with no hope, totally uncared for felt that he was loved.
Thank You all, never stop loving the stranger and know that Jesus would be proud of you too.
Here's my thank you from after the homily on Sunday morning.

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