When God Created Me by Patrick Rigg

I have a friend, Patrick Rigg, who I meet regularly on the Soup Run. Patrick lives and works on the streets and in the shelters in Bristol and he is a Poet and a Christian. Patrick has been our guest at St. Augustine's before and has spoken to us at the Soup Run general meetings about his life and the good the the soup run does.

Recently Patrick has started to share some of his poetry with me, and with his permission I am going to post some of it hear.

When God Created Me

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Philippians 4 verse 13.

When God created me,
He made someone unique,
He did not see a colour,
To Him I’m not black or white,
I’m just His child.

When God created me,
He made me very special,
He called me by name,
To Him I’m not male or female,
I’m just who I am.

When God created me,
He gave me many talents,
Gifts that are only mine,
The power to make my mark,
Just as I am today.

When God redeemed me,
He alone took away my stain,
Loosed from all prejudice,
Freed me to serve Him joyfully,
Enjoy the success He gives.

So today I claim victory,
Regardless of colour or gender,
All the hate that divides,
Proclaiming in certain knowledge,
I can: I will ‘cos I am.

No one will dispute my worth,
For it’s here I will make my mark,
As God’s treasured creation,
His so unique and special child,
And walk tall; proud for all to see.

April 2012.

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