2014 Diaconal Retreat

A wonderful, spiritual and and relaxing time was experienced by the diaconal family at the start of March. The annual retreat at Ammerdown was arrange by Vincent and Rosemary Woods. Our retreat leader was Dom Michael Clothier, a Benedictine monk from Downside, who provide challenge and inspiration. All present are very grateful to Dom Michael, Vincent, Rosemary and everyone at Ammerdown for a great weekend.

The weather which has done little but rain this year changed for us as well, bright sunshine even to the point of need sun glasses, although few of us had them.

Many if not all of the diaconal family present lead very busy lives in work, family and parish activities. The chance to spend a little time with each other and God really helps us in our ministry. We had a chance to stop, to enjoy quite, to pray together, to celebrate mass together, to discuss our experience and receive or offer advice and support.

For Gail and I it reminds us just how privileged we are to be part of this family and how much fun it is to catch up with them again.

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