Homily 1st Sunday in Lent Year A - Repent and believe in the Gospel

Homily (Sermon) – Repent and believe in the Gospel

The Readings for First Sunday in Lent
Genesis 2:7-9,3:1-7
Psalm 50
Romans 5:12-19
Matthew 4:1-11
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There can be little doubt from our readings today that we have entered the season of Lent.

Lent is a time to repent, a time to be reconciled, a time to say sorry, a time to make your life right with God.

Adam and Eve got it wrong. We all have that ability. As a race we have continually turned away from God and done wrong. We trick ourselves sometimes into thinking we are doing the right thing or the there is nothing really wrong with our actions. We desire and lust after things and people; we are greedy and gluttonous; we are lazy, and angry and envious; we are selfish and full of pride. We all too often pander to our own desires and forget to give, to love, to serve. Like Adam and Eve we get it wrong, like every human, we get it wrong. Sorry not every human. Christ was human and he got it right.

In today’s gospel we find Christ in the wilderness. He is fasting and praying, He is preparing for the His ministry. We can learn a good lesson here. Christ gave us His ministry; fasting and prayer are a good ways to prepare to do His work.

After 40 days He is visited and tempted by the devil. It is his strengths that are tested, His ability to perform miracles and His relationship with His Father. You may be tested too; your strengths may be where you are at your weakest. Christ never used His gifts for himself, only for others. What do you use your strengths and gifts for?

This Lent is a time to remember what Christ went through for us, not just his 40 days in the wilderness but his entire life. Christ came to visit us, to live with us, to love us and serve us; this lent remember that. Christ came to teach us; this lent remember that. Christ came to die for us, to die because of everything you and I do wrong. Every desire I indulge, every lie I tell, every good deed I am too lazy to do, every prideful moment I boast of is one more hammer blow on the nails in his hands and in his feet.

Christ death is because of me. Lent is a time to realise that. Lent is a time to slow those hammer blows. Lent is a time to say sorry, to make it right with God.

Maybe for you Lent is a time to feed your soul on Scripture. Pick up your bible and read. Follow the life that was given for you in any of the Gospels. See what the Apostles did after Christ’s resurrection in Acts. Learn from the letters of Paul, Peter, John or Jude. Look forward with John’s vision in revelations. Look back at the salvation history of the Jews, the law, the wisdom and the prophetic writing of the Old Testament.

Maybe for you Lent is a time of prayer. A time to talk with God, a time to place your worries and cares before him, a time to intercede for others, a time to plead for yourself and your world to you creator.

Maybe for you Lent is an active time. A time to serve. A time to do good deeds. A time to give of yourself and of your wealth. A charitable time.

I hope for you Lent is a time for preparation. You have 40 days to make thing right with God, 40 days to be ready to celebrate his resurrection. To be ready for Easter.

Easter is a glorious time, a wonderful time, a time of light and hope. Easter is not one day, or just 8 days, or even 40 days. Easter is a lifetime. Easter is the life we are called to lead. Pope Francis wants us to be an Easter people, a people who bring light and hope and the message of Christ to the world. We need look into our hearts during this lent and understand what is wrong. We need to bring that wrongness to Christ and let him heal us. We need to embrace the Easter journey, the last supper, the prayer at Gethsemane, the arrest, trial, execution and resurrection of Christ. We need to be ready after this lentern time to take Christ’s joy out into the world.

Decide how you are to prepare yourself this Lent, do it well, and make sure you are ready to live the life your Pope is asking you to live. Prepare yourself to live the Easter Life.

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