Let Life Live

Let Life Live.

There are thoughts that inspire us,
Compel us to seek right and truth,
Challenge every one of our follies,
Questioning demand answers,
What if?
Perhaps there is a better way,
An end to absurdity of absurdity,
Bestial cruelty of war for its own sake,
The pathetic pathos of being best,
The greatest,
The most powerful,
The richest poor man,
And without due care for others,
Living; no existing in personal Hades,
We ignore the rights; needs of friends,
Our mutual yearning for love
And acceptance,
Reassurance we belong in community,
Valuable; valued with part to play,
So why? Why?
Why are we so blind; so deaf and dumb?
Each of us has been given a tongue,
Eyes to see; a heart to know and feel,
Share the suffering of our fellow men,
And from our abundance; our plenty,
The place where our barns are full
In true humility and gentleness of spirit
Abandon all of the old ways,
Embrace the new,
And share the love that God has given,
With all that we meet and know.

Patrick R.
July 2012.

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