Mount Olympus Tomorrow

Mount Olympus Tomorrow.

Too often man’s pride is seen; a sin,
Assumption that I; all I am is best,
In my folly I am better than others,
Lack modesty; humility that pleases,
Makes me honestly successful; fun,
A man who is known for his integrity.

Sadly we allow understanding to fail,
Prove unable to accept right pride,
Those times when it is a celebration,
Acknowledgement of our sweat; tears
The occasions when they turn to gold,
And are a good example for us all.

The few remember the last Olympics,
When London city was the host,
And hope; expectancy was the king,
We had fought a war; tasted victory,
So then armoured for a fresh fight,
Our champions willingly gave their all.

2012; another year of opportunity lost?
If we fail to learn this one great lesson,
The joy; pride being the best must bring,
Prize for giving all; nothing less; far more,
We become a nation born of fools,
And do not deserve the laurel accolade.

So may we walk our heads held so high,
And may we abandon the malaise,
The loss of will to succeed; ability to win,
Today not only celebrate athletes’ victory,
But resolve ourselves to accept their mantle
And make them proud of next generation.

Then in the triumphal days that are to follow,
Let each of us give thanks and great praise,
Glorify the Almighty; the Creator God,
Our Lord; our King, who blesses each one,
Gives them talent; ability to succeed; be best,
And who is the author of all things good.
Patrick R.
August 2012.

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