Walk this Week

[Verses use a Japanese poetry style - Haiku - 3 lines, 5 beats, 7 beats and 5 beats!]

Walk this Week.

Mayhem expected,
The first day of our week,
Our God will prevail.

Tumult subsided,
The second day of our week,
God is triumphant.

Weary now perhaps,
On the third day of the week,
God will sustain you.

Time has made demands,
One more day after today,
God’s love is certain.

Frazzled but not down,
We are still praising our Lord,
Thanking Him today.

Sunshine and showers,
Our time to relax and play,
Sing praise to the Lord.

Soft sunlight brings hope,
We are His ambassadors,
Empowered by love!

We will go forward,
To love and to serve the Lord,
Every day this week!

Patrick R.
August 2012.

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