The Hiding Place - Corrie ten Boom

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I have just finished reading 'The Hiding Place' by Corrie ten Boom. It's a wonderful witness to God, and while sometimes a difficult book to read, just because of the nature of the world Corrie lived in during the second world war, it was for me and uplifting read.

Corrie lived in Holland, in a small and respected watchmakers shop. She had a strong Christian upbringing and the scenes in the book where she describes the wisdom of her father are amazing. This Christian preparation is what allowed Corrie and her family to make the decision God would want them to make as the world went so horribly wrong during the second world war. And it's her families Christian faith that allows God to use them powerfully for good when everything in the world seems bad.

I want to tell you all about her story, about ants and flees, about heavy suitcases or bottles of vitamins, but if I do I'll start to spoil a true story I really hope you will take the time to read. I will be constantly remembering examples from this book as I prepare my homilies and it will go on my book shelf next to 'The Screwtape Letters' and 'He is Risen' as a source major influences in my personal Christian journey. This book has made a difference to my life, somehow it's made my world a bit more spiritually focused, a bit easier to deal with, a little bit closer to my Lord and God.

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