Lenten Abstinence

Lenten Abstinence.

A friend has given up Facebook for Lent!

I was tempted to be really cruel; to respond "Peace at last!"

On reflection I felt that would not be fair or the correct thing to do. We will miss her contributions.

Why do we give things up - Facebook, chocolates, cigarettes, et al?

Who really benefits and gets the glory for our act of selflessness?

Lent is a time of preparation.

Should we be saying, "Lord, teach me your will. What little extra can I offer this season of Lent?
Father empower me by your Holy Spirit to be obedient to your will; to give in your strength not only
during this season of Lent but in the days that follow too."

There is, for example, the false gospel of thou "shalt not" smoke or drink. What is the scriptural
authority for it? The Gospel is positive not negative! If we try to do any of these things in our own
strength then we glorify man not God. What do we achieve that is of lasting benefit?

This Lent why not say "What can I give not what can I give up?" I believe God will bless our giving!

Patrick R.
March 2011

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