Receive to Give

Receive to Give.

It is so good to be able to give,
Freely with no thought of me,
To simply enjoy friends’ delight,
At smallest unexpected acts,
And yes, we feel so good!
Giving is better than receiving,
simply putting all other’s first,
Or is it?
Have we paused to consider,
Consider our friends’ feelings,
When all we ever, ever do is give,
Some small trinket or cash gift,
Yet perhaps fail to give ourselves?
Are friends’ smiles those of delight?
Or fixed grins grimaces of real fear,
Faced with our tsunami of kindness,
Our well-meaning, blind generosity,
Perhaps they fear our true motives,
Those we do not know ourselves,
Do we seek to own them?
Sell ourselves short buying love,
Never realising,
We are truly loved for ourselves,
The kindly friend we are to them.
Before we can give effectively,
It’s now time to learn to receive,
To know our actions true effect,
So then we can give ourselves,
And our giving will bring such joy.

Patrick R.
February 2010

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