Mission goes to School

Fr Matt talks at St Augustine's School

St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School this afternoon awakened with laughter and signing when Fr Matt came to visit. Bringing the New Awakenings mission to the entire parish Fr Matt visited one of our primary schools. All the children came into assembly and were greeted by Fr Matt, Fr Frank and Deacon John.

Fr Matt and the children talked about mission; been sent to do Gods work. Fr Matt asked who his boss was and they answer Jesus. He asked them when the Holy Spirit came and they told him Pentecost. He asked what they did with good news and they said they told people about there good news, several of them told him about their birthdays.

After reading them a short story from the Gospel, the Good News, about Jesus in the boat calming the storm, Fr Matt got everyone stood up and singing a song about that story. He then lead everyone in prayers and finished with another song, 'My Jesus, My Saviour, a song which some of the school children will sing at Mass later this week.

Fr Frank then thank the children for listening and Fr Matt for coming. It was a wonderful spirit filled time for everyone, and show the commitment to bring the New Awakenings mission to everyone in our parishes.

Fr Matt talks to St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School about Mission

Fr Matt & Deacon John sing a song with the children

Our mission prayer cross visits St Augustine of Canterbury Catholic Primary School

Fr Frank thanks Fr Matt for leading the assembly

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