New Awakenings - God Filled Service of Healing

Last night St Pauls was full of people looking to reawaken a thirst and passion for mission.

Our Service of Praise, Worship & Healing started in song. The gospel was broken open for us in Word and mime by the children. Music was heavenly. The Spirit moved and people opened themselves to God.

With Priests from all over our diocese present confessions could be made easily by all, prayer teams laid on hands and prayer over us. Spiritually the evening was amazing. If our Father is a gardener he was planting seeds last night, the soil well prepared by Fr Matt, was ready for us. We now have to wait and see what miracles will grow from the night of praise and healing.

So quick quote's and tweets from last night:

  • "God help me, God I am sorry, God show me what I should do." Fr. Matt
  • "I never expect to feel Gods Divine love as I did." Fr. Matt
  • "We constantly need to ask God to poor his mercy on us" Fr. Matt
  • Children read and acted our Gospel. Fr Matt now preaching on the prodigal son. This is wonderful This is spirit filled.
  • "God our father can only rejoice in healing and wholeness for His people" Fr Barnabas
  • The emotion, faith, spirit, love, joy, fun, peace in this room is glorious
  • I am standing in the presence of my Lord and my God, filled with joy and wonder. Filled with The Holy Spirit. Amen. Amen. Amen.
There are some great photo's of the event that I'll add later today, but they take a little time to upload and I have Mass at 10 this morning in Chipping Sodbury if you would like to join us.

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