New Awakenings - Service of Anointing

With a good attendance and wonderful liturgy the Service of Anointing the Sick at Our Lady of Lourdes this afternoon was a great success. The Gospel was intoned by Deacon Peter, followed by an inspiring homily from Fr Matt who described the New Awakening Mission as "The Olympic torch relay of the Holy Spirit." Fr Frank and Fr. Matt then proceeded to lay hands on the sick and those asking for healing.

Speak to Fr. Matt about how the New Awakenings Mission was going at the end of Tuesday's hard work he said, "There's a great spirit about the parishes and a definite thirst for more. The mission is picking up pace and we look forward to an anointing of the services from Thursday through to Sunday. Roll on the cooked breakfast tomorrow morning after 7am Mass.!"

A special thanks to Phil O'Rourke for the photos and report of this afternoon service.

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