New Awakenings - Passing on the Flame of our Faith

The day the Olympic torch left Bristol was gloriously warm and sunny, a wonderful British summer day. A wonderful day for the Holy Spirit to work  His wonders on our New Awakenings mission. A mission where we are being called, as Fr Matt said this morning to pass of the flame of our faith.

Our breakfast mass this morning was in Chipping Sodbury, and we had the biggest congregation of the week so far for the early Mass, and we filled the little church. After Deacon Vince powerfully read the Gospel, Fr Matt talk to us about scripture. About the importance of basis our faith in the scriptures. Jesus based his life in scripture and was often explaining it to people, we have the wealth of the Old Testament as he did, His story in the four Gospels, and all the wonderful instruction in Acts and the letters.

When we hear and read scripture we must remember Christ is present in the Scripture and will make himself present to us. We can find meaning for our own lives and meaning to help our broken world. Many people think Catholics don't read the bible, that only preists are supposed to. That's not what Vatican II said. We are called to scripture and we should spend time with it, reading it and take into our hearts what we read.

When I was ordained I was given a Bible by Bishop Declan, he told me to "believe what I read, teach what believe and practice what I teach." For a deacon that is part of my ordination promises, but it's good advice for us all.

Fr. Matt recommended starting with Paul's letter to the Philippians. It's a short letter, only four chapters and easily readable in 10-15mins. It is full of encouragement and has some wonderful words, for example, "you will be innocent and genuine... and you will shine in the world like bright stars."

After Mass, we walk next door for the breakfast of the week. The Squire, served us a wonderful breakfast completely free of charge.  It was enjoyed by parishioners from all of our parishes, like yesterday some people had travelled from one end of our community to the other. It was great to be able to get to know each other over a meal.

Our 10am Mass was at Frenchay the last of our parishes to be visited. We had a hige turnout and the little church was filled and right before mass we were still putting out extra chairs for everyone. In fact the turnout at Frenchay was the biggest of our weekly mission masses so far. It just shows the work of the spirit in this mission. After Mass Fr. Frank said a few words and thanked Fr. Matt for his enthusiasm and prayed that his zeal for preach and doing Gods work would never leave him.

Frenchay packed with New Awakenings Zeal

Proud of our Prayer Cross Fr. Frank and Fr. Matt welcome a full church at St John Fisher in Frenchay.

All of Wednesdays photo's have been added to the links and slideshow in the Mission Photo's post.

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