All Learning

All Learning.

All learning is a gift from God.

Learning without the love of God is dead.

The true purpose of true learning, God’s gift, is to equip us to: -
  • Learn:
  • Live and grow in faith:
  • Give all of ourselves freely; without condition to serve:

And above all else: -
  • Living reveal the love of God to all men:

And in our earthly death: -
  • Praise and worship our Lord; our Redeemer; the one true God.

Not intended to be doctrinally "completely" sound but more of an invitation to debate and to discuss. These thoughts were the words the shared with Dominic, the young ordinand who has been with Father Richard for the last year, yesterday lunchtime and before he returns to theological college in a fortnight's time.

Patrick Rigg
June 2012.

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