Lord, I am Listening

Lord, I am Listening.

Lord, I am here, listening,
But do I really hear?
Lord, I am waiting,
But am I truly ready?
Lord, I will follow you,
But am I wholly obedient?
Lord, you are my all in all,
Yet is this writ on my heart?
Lord, may my heart be still,
My ears open to hear; receive,
The loving counsel you give,
Your will not mine for my life,
Lord, may I be alert; vigilant,
Watchful for the bridegroom,
Always open to the Holy Spirit,
Obedient in all things; always,
Lord, may I not hesitate; murmur,
Hold back even in smallest way,
Thank you; you gave your all,
May I freely give my all for you,
Lord, thank you for unfailing love,
Love freely given to set me free,
Write that love deep in my heart,
So I know; confess Jesus all in all.

Patrick R
September 2010

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