Thought - My Journey in Faith

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We often refer to our development in faith or in any sphere as a journey. The analogy is supposed to reflect the learning over time, the changes in yourself as you understand more and as you grow in trust and faith.

What I find really interesting in the journey analogy is I have never been on a journey that has lasted more than 36 hours, and that journey took me to the other side of the world. We are privileged to live at a time when journeys are not normally difficult, long or dangerous. If I want to travel from Bristol to London I can do so in a couple of hours, and do so in reasonable comfort in my car or on the train. I understand little of the uncertainty of a journey, I understand little of the risk, I understand almost nothing of the hardship. So in many ways I am unprepared to undertake my journey in faith, I am expecting a quick drive up the M4, when in fact God expects me to pick up my backpack and walk.

We get to know our friends and ourselves most when we are challenged, when we attempt something we have never done before or when troubles and problems need to be overcome. We learn most when we have to work things out for ourselves, when we can make mistakes, feel the pain, then correct them and enjoy the success. We can't get the best from ourselves or learn and develop when we are comfortable. It's a real shame because I like being comfortable.

But Comfortable is not what's required to know God. If I want an idea of the journey in faith I am on I should look to more adventurous, more perilous, more difficult journeys. Like Paul's journey from Jerusalem to Rome, Frodo's journey from the Shire to Mount Doom, Moses' journey across the wilderness or the Dawn Treader's voyage to the edge of the world. Maybe I shouldn't settle for a journey but be looking for an adventure in Faith.

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