Unequal Equality

Unequal Equality.

British justice always proud; true and fair,
Once the envy of the civilised world,
Our laws made to ensure dignity of all,
Preserve freedoms,
The rights of every man and woman,
Their right to live without fear; unshackled
Unafraid to speak; treat all as their peers,
How have you been so cruelly ambushed?
What price your determination to be fair?
How have we created our own albatross?
Today minorities control the majority,
A few so deliberately ignorant bully many,
Ungrateful for opportunity and privilege,
Make it folly to speak for right and truth,
To simply ask that we are equals; respected,
Entitled to speak; to live our lives in peace,
So sadly all dignity is lost,
Where is the pride in this unrivalled power?
We humiliate those we seek to serve,
If we deny them the right to be our equal,
Not our masters simply by rule of law.

Patrick Rigg
April 2012.

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