New Chapter

New Chapter.

At four I heard jubilant hymns of praise,
A joyful celebration before dawn,
Blackbird; robin; thrush welcoming
Morn’s first eloquent beads of sunlight,
The coming of new opportunity; horizons
beckoning; a time now to worship anew,
Grateful for assurance of Dad’s love,
Sure in the knowledge of His path for you,
The call to leave now the haply familiar,
Step forth in faith as new challenges call
Draw you to a deeper love; fellowship,
To experience a joy ne’er known before
As faithful to His word; called
To serve Him and live in pastures new,
Without fear of the unknown
Walking confidently in His great love,
In this new chapter of your life
With nature you joyful; gratefully proclaim
the goodness; great mercy of our Lord!

This is the time of year when so many folk are thinking about moving on - new schools, university or perhaps (hopefully for you) new jobs. I pray that these thoughts will be an encouragement, inspiration and perhaps a comfort to all those who find themselves in that situation.

Patrick R
June 2012.

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