Baby World

Baby World.

The simplicity, trust and innocence of a child!
Qualities that we need to regain to fully enjoy God’s love and His creation!

This is just so amazing,
Everything is new,
It’s all so very exciting,
I can stand now,
Confident; look around,
And laugh and giggle,
My blue eyes sparkling,
I am entranced; happy,
That man’s long beard
A crow’s nest?
Oh and the lady’s felt hat
Her tea cosy,
How wonderful; curious it is,
Then those colours,
All so bright; so delightful,
Just painted just for me,
As I touch Mummy’s hair,
Tiny fingers grasping; stroking,
Pulling gently,
As I seek her reassurance,
Her arm holding me so close,
Her gentle loving smile,
And her own special fragrance
As I go on my way,
Enjoying my new world,
Bringing joy to all I see.

Patrick R
July 2012.

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