Dad’s Gift of Today

Dad’s Gift of Today.

Thank you for this new day, dear Lord,
The warmth; encouragement of the sun,
Bird song that simply worships you
Without words; simply from the heart,
The beauty of a stranger’s smile
Their joyful gift of love,
The gentle simplicity of children
Laughing Innocents at play; learning,
This Father is all your creation,
A bountiful treasury without measure,
Filling my heart with praise for you,
Thankful; so very blest,
Inspires me to love as you loved me,
Give back this day to your glory,
Pray that I may faithfully serve you,
Walk in the garden; in communion
Worshipping; praising from a full heart,
So that Jesus’ name shall be lifted high,
All men may come to know
And evermore praise your holy name!

Patrick R.
July 2012.

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