Twitter Introduction - My Top Christian Tweets to Follow

Twitter Introduction

Many people in our parishes are new to Twitter and don't really understand social medial and how to take part. So this is a very quick guide that I hope will cover what twitter is, how you might want to use it and who from a Christian point of view you may want to follow.

What is Twitter?
Twitter is an internet service that lets people share their thoughts with other people. It allows very short, only 140 letters long, messages to be published or tweeted as it's called, and read by people with similar interests.   A lot of the newer phones allow you to tweet and read tweets, so a lot of tweets are sent as people are out and about living their normal lives. Twitter now also allow people to tweet photo's and camera phones have made this feature very popular.

One of the concepts of twitter is following people, if you find someone who is tweeting messages you want to read you can select to follow that person and you will automatically be sent any tweet they post. Big events like concerts or large news stories like Osama Bin Laden's death can spread very quickly on twitter, mainly because twitter allows people to re-tweet other peoples tweets to their followers. 

You can use twitter as a news services, a gossip column and a way to keep in contact with friends. You can also start to tweet yourself and see who wants to read your tweets.

From a Christian perspective, who should I follow?
There are literal millions of people, some famous, most not who tweet. I am far from an expert in twitter but I am happy to share some of the people who's tweets I enjoy following, so to start you off, here is my top Christian tweets to follow.

On a very local level you can follow our parish offices and keep up to date with news and events:
St Augustine's Church office @staugustinebrs 
Our Lady of Lords Church office @ololbristol
Clifton Diocese and Bishop Declan @cliftondiocese
And of course I recommend you follow me @johnCScanlon

In the UK:
Ruth Gledhill, the Times religious correspondent, @RuthieGledhill
Westminster Diocese @RCWestminster
Sr CatherineWybourne, The Digitnal Nun @Digitalnun
J John, a brilliant evalgelist @Canonjjohn
John Sentamu, Archbishop of York @JohnSentamu

Around the World:
The Vatican News Service and the Pope @news_va_en
CAFOD, Charity tackling poverty and injustice across the world @CAFOD
CTS -The Catholic Truth Society @CTSpublishers
Daily quotes from CS Lewis @CSLewisDaily

Should I tweet?
Why not. If you are new to tweeting or decide to give twitter a go after reading this post please let me know, I'd love to follow your tweets and maybe others would as well. Try and tweet interesting things, thoughts and photos other might like to see. If you start following other people many of them will also start following you as well. Find out if your friends use twitter so you can start tweeting them and they can follow you. My simple advice, give it a go, see what all the fuss is about after a few weeks you will know if it's for you.

Let me know who else I should be following
There are millions of people I don't follow on twitter and I am probably missing some real pearls of wisdom. If you follow someone you think I should be following please let me know either here in the comments of tweet me @johncscanlon

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