A Reason for Honesty

A Reason for Honesty.

The lie is a powerful weapon,
It simply has one purpose,
The total destruction of truth,
It has no place in civilisation,
Culture where men are equal,
Entitled to live life without fear,
A lie unchecked will destroy
Murder everything that is good!
The death born of a lie is slow
First it attacks our enthusiasm,
Hope for a better tomorrow,
The victim’s right; ability to live
Except in some twilight world,
The place where fear is king,
And self-doubt stifles truth,
Creates desire to believe the lie
‘cos if the lie is never false,
It surely cannot cause pain!
Whatever opiate is used to soothe
Be it a drug; alcohol or other way,
It cannot protect from this cruelty,
Savagery committing perfect crime,
Until finally all hope has died,
And the only escape then is in death.
My friend would you be a killer,
Would your conscience live with you?
May I encourage you today; always
When you speak; speak only truth in love.

Patrick R.
August 2012.

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