Beauty. You tease and taunt but who are you?
Why beguile us to love some passing stranger?
To seek perfection, wondrous state that never is.
Beauty. Why do you never bring joy that’s true?
Every spot, each pound heralds some new danger,
And cautions that ‘tis surely folly to seek such bliss.

True beauty. So different, never deceiving the eye,
Elegant, pure, joyful, at one with self and oh so true,
Forgets the inches, pounds and is ignorant of fashion.
True beauty. You cannot tease, taunt or even ever lie,
You do not seek approval, we love you ‘cos you’re you,
Born deep within, undefiled bringing joy to the nation.

Loveliness. Pure spring water from our inner, deep self,
Personality that charms, warmth that pleases our heart,
You mirror our very soul, sweet essence of our true being.
Loveliness. Priceless gift, never to be found on any shelf,
Not bought in any shop, nor the beautician’s oft famed art,
Truth, and joy, nature’s treasure for eyes that are all seeing.

Take no care today: Forget fickle mirror’s glazed, critic view,
The outward appeal, all that tin tinsel that hides and wraps,
Mere flesh and blood, the urn created to simply hold our soul.
It is what shines and captivates, speaks deep within from you,
Firing our imagination’s flame, enraptures and our heart’s trap,
The truest beauty, the purest loveliness that is our perfect goal.

Patrick R.
January 2007

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