I Am a Rich Man!

Good morning John,


An unusual title! I had a "gentleman" who was being offensive and
insisting that I was a "Rich Man" playing at being on the streets the
other evening. I am grateful because he made me think and take stock
This poem is the result.

Every blessing,

I Am a Rich Man!

I do not own a property,
I have no roof tonight,
Not any wealth or shares.

I have no money at Bank,
Nothing hid in an old sock,
Away from prying eyes

Any cash; the change I have
Buys me my necessities,
Is there on loan to do good.

All I have I carry with me,
My treasures
A few things just to survive.

But I am a rich man; rich
Not by any worldly standard,
But in all that really matters.

How can this be you ask?

I have my health and sanity.
Power to think and to reason,
And am not slave to any.

There are people, who care,
Sometimes at a price I know,
But they are there for me.

I have my freedom to live
To come and go so freely,
Speak my mind within the law.

Is this what makes me rich?


These are gifts that God gives
Contentment; all that is good,
Is mine in His loving mercy.

Yet my friend there is far more,
More than we shall ever know,
God’s bounty and love for me.

I know that my redeemer lives,
Gave His life to set me free,
And walks beside me always.
It is God’s love that lives in me,
My purpose; yes my everything,
To share the risen life with all.

I am a privileged man: God’s
Adopted son,
My calling to bring praise to Him
Glorify His holy name
And evermore worship Him,
To treasure the peace He brings,
The sure certainty; the knowledge,
My God is mine and I am His
Never to be separated from Him
The love that never fails
And will not let me go.

Now that my friend is true riches,
The wealth that this world seeks
But only God can bring.

Patrick R.
September 2012.

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