A selection of new poems from Patrick Rigg

I have just had a wonderful hour adding these poems to the blog. Patrick has a real gift and several of these poems spoke directly to me as I read and published them.

'Gifts' struck a cord, it summed up the support not only Christ gives me, but the support my friends and family always provide just when I need it. 'I Am a Rich Man' is lovely as well, it made me smile to think someone could mistake Patrick for a man with money, he is well spoken, kind and gracious, but if your eyes are open you can see he carries all he owns with him, but as he tells himself he is definitely a rich man.

I hope you enjoy Patrick's latest batch of poems, and if you do the entire collection he has shared with me is published here. Poems by Patrick Rigg

New Poems
A Reason for Honesty
I Must Learn
Living Future
I: Superior Being
I Am a Rich Man
Fallen Hero
The Plateau

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