I: Superior Being

I: Superior Being.

I am important,
A total bastard in my time.

Strutting; posturing; bullying
These are my talents,
Understanding only one thing,
My ability to be the overlord,
Establishing my rule,
Proving a no-one is someone,
Relishing the opportunity,
My total arrogance brings,
Instilling fear; terrifying you,
The human dross I despise,
Offending all society’s standards,
Right to live without fear,
Relishing every opportunity; coward
I live on damaging others.

Bugger all of life’s conventions,
The right of men to respect,
Everyone daring believe they are
They are entitled to life’s freedoms,
Inspire a future generation
To do what is right; just and best,
Note this; the world over,
No one is as important as little me,
God created me; blind dumb fool
Hated; despised by all good men.

Patrick R.
August 2012

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