Camino - How many more Angels?

Have you every been on a road trip and asked, or been asked, repeatedly “Are we there yet?” Another good question is “how many more corners?” A friend, Geoff  and I once played “how many more dead animals” as we counted roadkill on a trip across the USA. 

I tell you this to set the scene. Jim and I are spotting Angels on our Camino. Anyone who has watched “it’s a wonderful life” knows that not all angels have wings. The angels we are spotting are those out there just to make our walk special. An angel placed a port-a-loo exactly where I needed it on the second day. We saw two angels outside the church of San Anton, one was knitting hearts. Another two angels took in our washing when it started to rain. These angels are so easy to miss, you think they are real people but they are not. 

My hope is that if I practice spotting angels on the camino I will also be able to spot them on my return to real life. Allowing the angels into your life is special, until you allow them in they can’t help much, but once you accept their help life gets better. Sometimes it’s not about looking to see who you can help, but much more about looking to see the angels trying to help you. 

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