Day 20 - León

The big cities along the way are big milestones. We have been aiming at León for a wee now as it marks the end of the plains and start of the next mountains. The problem with the big cities is they are not focused on helping pilgrims as much as the small towns and villages. Everything seems difficult in a city. Believe it or not finding a meal is difficult. If you want to eat between 5 and 8 you can’t. Spain shuts its kitchens. After 8 all we want to do is sleep. 

We also had problems wit getting into the Cathedral. It was shut for large parts of the day for weddings. We finallly got in for Mass at 7pm. The windows are lovely and it’s a place to visit as a tourist in the future. 

We took a tour round the cathedral museum while waiting to get into the cathedral. I found out the story of Saint Roch which I’ll put in another post later. We had until today been confusing statues of him and St James. 

Our hostel was like an oven. Neither of us slept well and it was lovely at 6am to walk into the cold air. We had a long 10k walk before breakfast. I had to survive without that first cup of coffee and Jim had to survive walking next to me. Poor Jim. 

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