Day 13 - Burgos to Hornillos Del Camiño

An early start before dawn as usual saw us leave Burgos in darkness. It was a long walk out of Burgos as it’s one on the larger cites. Once we weee back in the country side we were back to the dry plains and harvested corn and wheat fields. 

We arrived at a small village Hornillos and booked into a lovely little hostel. I had time to catch up on some thinking in the garden. 

This is the second place we have visited that has a mirical story about a cockerel. Napoleon’s troop stole all the villages chickens while the towns people were at Mass. they killed them and hid them in there drums. When the people came out of mass they challenged the soldiers who said they had nothing to do with missing chickens. Then one of the rosters miraculously came back to life can crowed giving the soldiers away. 

The day finished with a communal meal of a huge and very tasty paella.  

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