Day 26 - Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreriro

Just spent 20 mins typing a post for you and it gets deleted as I try and upload onvery little bandwidth. How frustrating.  I am now very tired and sleep needs to take priority so this will be short. 

Jim and I have just finish one of the toughest days and we both feel really good and still strong. No real injuries and all good. We walk 32k today and climbed around 1100 metre. (No wonder I am half asleep now)

The way is starting to change. Lots more people on it now and more starting daily. Many are sending there bags on to the next stop and pre-booking hostels. This means it’s harder each day to know we will get a bed. We are fighting distance, heat and now time. If we are late to a village all the beds will be taken. That’s a problem as we are much stronger now and can walk further, but if we walk a long day the risk of no bed is much higher. 

Our spiritual journeys continue as well. Two weeks ago we were amazed at the angels who were sent to help us. Now we find ourselves being put in the right place at the right time to help and care for others. The Camino is a unique place to give and receive charity and love. I feel I am living my faith in a much more focused or concentrated way. I hope I can bring some of this back to real life in a week or two. 

No photos today as that’s what caused the first crash

God Bless you. 

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