Day 14 - Hornillos to Castrojeriz

One of the best days so far. Started the day with no aches or pains. Walked out early in the dark and made great time to second breakfast I a small village Hontanas where we met again with Jean-Pierre and we shared second breakfast with him. The cafe owner tried to teach Jim how to dance the samba, unfortunately there is no photographic evedence if this. 

Just before we reached Castrojeriz we passed the church/ ruin of San Anton. This is now a very lovely and unique Albergue. It has no power and only a few rooms in the ruins. It runs in donations so each nights guests eat according to the generosity of the previous nights guests. It was a really lovely place and I am so glad we stopped for a little while. 

A couple of kilometres after San Anyon was Castrojeriz. We found a great hostel/resturaunt/bar and checked into the last room. There is a castle above the village and I was feeling strong enough to explore. It’s on a hill that was a bit of a climb I. The heat but I took it slow. Once at the top... wow... the vies were amazing. I also had the castle to myself. I spent a couple of hours up there, just enjoying the quiet and spending some time in prayer. There are lots of bible stories about climbing a mountain to get close to God. At the top of my hill, alone in my castle I could understand those stories. 

On my return I had a well needed shower. We enjoyed a great meal and the owner shared some of his mother in laws home made spirit infusion.  Perfect day. 

If you are wondering, Jim has been complaining about the lack of black pepper at every meal. It’s just not put on the table here in Spain. Well after two weeks of complaining he eventually asked for some and it was produced. A very happy Jim then photographed the pepper hence finishing the video with that photo. 

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