Day 15 - Castrojeriz to Frómista

As I posted yesterday this wasn’t the best day for me. After the great day before it surprised me how quickly you can start to hurt and how bad the day seems when you do. 

We left very early in complete darkness. We walked/marched up out of the valley and just before the dawn we could see the village lights and the lights on hundreds of windmills on the high plains. 

Sunrise was stunning!!!

The next 10k was back through dry fields. Nothing different from the last few days. Somewhere here my feet started to blister again. :-(

When we reach Frómista the first hostel was fully booked. Booked by people in advance and sending their luggage on ahead of them. With my feet hurting I wasn’t feeling generous to those people. Sorry. We were also told that Frómista was fully booked and we would have to walk to the next village. This wasn’t true as the hostel next door had a room. No facilities to walk clothes or eat but we were happy with a room.

The next stop was a beer. Which we were hugely over charged for. You see the bad day theme here. But that’s really where it stopped. We found a spainish cafe where they spoke no English and we spoke no spainish. We guessed with lots of pointing and bad spainish/English what to have off the spainish menu. Wow what fantastic food we had. 

The day finished well with a whiskey in a lovely bar and a chat to some friends online. (Thanks Chrissy/Yoka)

A good nights sleep and ready for another 22k. Enjoy the photos. 


  1. Hi John - thanks for all the updates and pics. Looks great out there, though appreciate it's hard work (especially Day 15!) though very rewarding. Enjoy and keep on going! KeithP (not sure how else to contact you, hope this is appropriate and you can see this!)

    1. Hi Kieth I ping you my personal email.
      Yes wonderful experience all the good and bad just add to the whole.
      Glad you are enjoying the blog