Day 21 - León to San Martin del Camiño

Two hours and ten kilometre before a cup of coffee. That is just no way to start the day. We had a long walk through Leon before we escaped the suburbs. As we walked we passed dozen if not hundreds of teenagers walking into town. There had obviously been a big party somewhere that only finished at dawn. 

It was another longer straight road today. A lot of it next to a main road. Films and documentary’s never show the industrial but ofbthe camino butvthere are a lot of them. You get to see a snap shot of all of Spain. There are some very poor parts here. Lots of shut up buildings and for sales signs. 

A long dull walk gives you a chance to reflect. The camino started with wonderful views. It was awe inspiring. In the first few days there was lots to see and everything was new. Now when we are in the middle of it it not as pretty. It is just as much hard work. But the inspiringly views are rare. You have to look deeper to find the magic. Look at the people, the kindness, those who welcome us pilgrim and those who are traveling with us. 

This in many ways this is mirroring my understanding of faith. It starts with joy and excitement but you need to work at it. You need to build a relationship with God and your fellow Christians that is deeper than the new excitement. Every step on the camino takes effort, every day as a Christian takes effort. There are many steps and many days. The days which are not filled for us with beautiful things and the days we need to look deeper for the beauty. 

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