Day 9 - Najera to Santo Domingo de la Calzada

Gone now are the vineyards and grapes to be replaced by field of stubble and sunflowers. We have 200km of Spanish plains to cross now. The heat today was horrible, 28-29 with no shade do felt like 35-40. The last two hours walk was slow with lots of stops in any shade we could find. 
Blisters hurting today which also slows me down. 

You see a lot of yellow arrows on the Camiño. Every twist and turn has a painted yellow arrow somewhere pointing the way. The only trick is noticing them. In a way this is like real life, there are many arrows telling us how to live and look after ourselves and one another but they are easier to miss than our nice bright yelllw arrows. 

Back in a main hostel/albergue with dozens of others tonight. Earplugs and blindfold essential to get any sleep. It is amazing how many other nationalities are walking the way with us. 

Enjoy the photos. God Bless, J

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