Day 8 - Logroño to Najera

A days walking through vineyards. Every south facing slope is covers in grapes. Not surprising as we are in the heart of Rioja. Blisters are now an irritation and playing up in last 4-5km. 

The hostel/albergue tonight is lovely. They only had two spare beds in different dorms but that was fine. I am in a room with three French speakers. If the conversation changes to french I know I have done something wrong :-)

The lady who runs the hostel was very sweet, helped with our washing and moved the load over to the dryer while we were outside enjoying a bottle of wine. 

As we gave most evening met Paul another pilgrim. It’s lovely bumping into the same people day after day as they walk the same path we do. Paul is blogging as well so if you are bored of me try his;

We have now been in Spain over a week and I haven’t found a paella yet. Very disappointing.  

Again no bandwidth in the monetary I am typing this from so photos to come later. And here they are:

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