Day 34 - Three Certificates so far

At Sahagun we crossed the halfway point and were awarded a certificate. 

And now at Santiago we were given the Compostellae. We were also given an individual certificate saying we’re we started and the dates we walked it from and two. (For those that think I just copied someone’s else’s certificate they write your name in Latin). 

So far.... but haven’t you finished? You ask. 

Not quite, there are two more stops to make and maybe two more certificates. The first stop is Muxia, this is where Mary appeared to James telling him he had completed his task to take the gospel to the end of the world. The last stop is Finesterre, meaning end of the world. Pilgrims would walk to Finesterre knowing that there was nothing else beyond. The gospel literally had spread to the end of the world. (Then someone discovered the America’s). 

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