Day 11 - Belorado to San Juan de Ortega

A 10-15 degree drop in temperature, a strong breeze and can you believe it rain. Jim prayer are answered and as we leave before dawn we done ponchos to stay dry. The land scope changes again as we climb through woodland. We planned for a day we fewer villages and had the makings of a picnic all we need was a baguette to go with out wine, bread and cheese. Could we find an open shop on route, no! So when we stops at the top of today’s climb God provides the bread. An Israeli   lady decided we needed bread for our meal so gave us her leftovers and took our pictures. Several of our new found travelling friends joined us for a bit to eat. 

San Juan is just a monetary nothing else here and they boast about their garlic soup. The hostel is very basic but we have a bed each. Mass tonight was lovely, part of it in English and said just for the pilgrims. One of the priests was a travelling friend of ours, John Peter, from Mexico. I hadn’t realised he was a priest until now. 

We take advantage of the cold and solitude and have an early night and prepare for N early start as breakfast is 6km away down the road in Agés. 

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