Day 18 - Hot but good day

Very tired so not much tonight. We started well before dawn and managed 6k dawn the sun was fully up. The stars here are so clear, no light pollution at all. Jim was corncernes for the first ten minutes as he could tell by the stars we we headed north not west. However we soon turned a corner and he was happy again. 

The breakfast stop was a hobbit town. Yes you read the right there were hobbit holes. Well not exactly hobbit holes but they should have been. They were 400-500 years old and were store house and wine making rooms. See photos below. 

As the day heated up we hit Sahagún a small town and lots here of interest. If you measure Camiño progress in Spain ignoring our start in St Jean this is the half way point and that are proud of it. We have a very nice certificate saying we have walked half way :-)

As we left Sahagún the temperature was mid 20s in the shade. And we did have a little shade, lots of lovey tree planted along the path. The problem with high temperature though for me is blisters. I was very careful and slow and my feet survived today. 

We fined in Bercianos del Real Camino. A small village. Our hostel is nice. It has a washing machine so we have clean clothes again. The courtyard is lovely and I m sat out here with a brandy so I don’t disturb Jim’s beauty sleep. 

It’s difficult to believe we have walked over 400k. I looked at my legs as I washed them I. The shower today and I think they are a different shape. This walk changes you physically and spiritually. That’s why you do it.  But when you notice the changes that are surprising. It tough being away from home but it good as well. I miss Gail, I am not enjoying the pain but I am loving the experience. 

That’s all, bed time I think. It’s only 9pm but we will be up at 6am and all before 7am.  

Good night everyone

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