Day 15 - a tough day

It shouldn’t have been but it was a very tough day. My feet started out well but blister and pain in both Achilles heals turned the last 5km into a painful walk. The tarain was lovely lovey for the first time we walked along a canal in shade. Unfortunately each step was horrible. 

The hostels were almost fully booked be other pilgrims in advance. This doesn’t feel right as we are just takeing what we can find when we get here. I guess if we are trusting to god then we should trust but being human and with painful feet it’s not easy. Any prayers right now for healing miracle are very much appreciated. 

Jim is helping greatly. I am sure he is hurting too but the support and sympathy help a lot. A small whiskey in a local bar also helped dull the pain and will help with a good nights sleep. 

Before I close my eyes though I’ll add a couple of photos of the sun rise we saw today and out walk along the canal. 

God bless, J

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