Day 17 - Half way

We are half way there and less than 400km to go. I really find it hard to think we have walked 400km in the last 17 days l, but we have. As I write this I have a celebratory glass of wine next to me. 

Today we walked a very dull and boring road. It was an old Roman way and was 17k of straigh road between villages with nothing but fields of stubble on either side. While dull to the eye it was a good walk. Have you a time to think. With nothing really of note to the eye you start to look inward or start to look towards God. No big moments here just small steps on the way to knowing God better. A chance to spend time with God without distractions. 

I am starting to learn that when I am weak, broken and hurting God can heal that. My feet are much better after prayer, rest and ibuprofen than they are after just rest and ibuprofen. The real learning for me was saying the prayer. 

I meet a new very slobbery friend at our breakfast stop who didn’t want to let me go. I also got to do my beatle impression just as we left Carrión signing the long and winding road, although as said above today’s toad had no bends at all. Very few photos today, the view were dull and you can photography internal reflections. So just take me word for it, it was a good day. 

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